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talked to the romney campaign. they found voters that we didn't know existed in hamilton county, ohio. they just did a much better job finding these people. and in fairness, they had more time. they didn't have a primary campaign to fight. they had a lot of time do -- to do this. gwen: i don't know how many stories i read about how much they thought they were going to win. >> they with so convinced they were going to win that somebody describe today me -- described to me that when they found they lost, it was like a death in the family. the "boston globe" said they had fireworks ready to go. why did they think they were going to win? they had a fundamentally different view of the elect tort. when the public polls came out they looked at these polls and said these polls have too many democrats. there's no way this president will be able to build up the enthusiasm that way. there are a lot of polls that were pretty close. and this person said that -- they said it was inconceivable. we thought there's no way he's going match his 2008 turnout with minorities and young voters an we really
romney. 160% of voters 18 to 29. he won 52% of voters under 34. half the independent voters. 53% of those to make over $50,000 a year. 54% of those who make over $100,000 a year. first we will hear from the president. >> i believe we can lead this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions. >> we will get to the campaign and mitt romney in a minute, but first listen to what john boehner said after the election. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we are ready to be led. not as democrats or republicans, but as americans. let's rise above the this function and do the right thing for our country. >> later john boehner told diane sawyer he is the most reasonable, responsible person in washington and the president knows that. the fiscal cliff looms at the end of the year. will we reach a compromise before then, charles? >> i do not think it will be a comprehensive compromise. i think they will be able to patch something together. i think they will be able to agree on it true tax reform sometime next year. i
out of eight romney voters went down ballot and chose not to vote for the republican nominee for the state representative of instruction in indiana. we can talk about what that might mean. second, the biggest winner, dennis van winkle. i mentioned tony bennett got taken out. second, they beat back three major ballot initiatives in idaho that and when the guts of the republican reform package from last year. and california in prop b 30 voted to raise sales taxes and- income taxes to fund education -- prop. 30 voted to raise sales taxes and high and income taxes to fund education. tammy baldwin was one of the half-dozen most liberal democratic members of congress according to "national journal," and she will only be the second most liberal new senator in the democratic caucus with elizabeth warren coming from massachusetts. these are folks who are going to restore very much an old time kind of union use it to the democratic caucus. a phrase that captures the next four years -- chaotic with little money. [laughter] >> for me, the biggest surprise, i think, was that mitt romney w
that mitt romney would do well with them since he won with voters making more than $100,000 a year. he did not. he got creamed losing asian-american voters 73 to 26. this is a shocking result, not only because just 20 years ago george h.w. bush carried asian-americans comfortably or because the margin is so wide, but because the entire category of asian-american is so obviously construction there's little reason to suspect members of the group would vote with each other in any discern anybody pattern. think about it for a moment. what exactly do a filipino nurse in hartford, connecticut, and a pakistani oil man have. same can be said for latinos, even african-americans, heck, even gaffe white people. that's because race is a social construction, not something out there in the world but something we as a society create the rules, rhetoric, and identities for. and in the political process, nothing more assuredly creates firm political group identities than the experience of prejudice, contempt, marginal lieization and condescension. that is, in american history, the racial identity of those
, an embarrassing scene posted on youtube, one machine indicated a vote for mitt romney when a voter tried to choose president obama. the machine had to be recalibrat recalibrated. the lines were the big story. the backups shouldn't be happening, but there are several reasons they do. congestion often builds in communities that can't afford to streamline voting. >> those communities, counts usually have to decide between paying money for voting systems and election administration, roads, bridges and hospitals and of course, voting systems come in last. >> reporter: but other issues cropped up as well. depending where you were voting. in some places in florida, the ballots were 12 pages long. another big factor was the decision by some states to cut back the number of early voting days. some state legislatures rammed through voter id laws requiring people to show photo ids, fill out affidavits and other forms. plenty of people had no trouble and there's no indication that any of this tilted the outcome of the election. there's little doubt it's messy, unwieldy different in every state. >> how do you
worse with voters than mitt romney did in those states. mitt romney who lost. the country said no to mitt romney this week, but they said oh, no, no, no, no to republican senate candidates. it was just a catastrophe from north dakota to florida and everywhere in between. who was to blame for that? that is not an esoteric matter. there is a named person in charge of making sure republicans win senate seats. there was somebody who was in charge of that. for every election. and that specific person in this election obviously failed catastrophically. that specific person is named john cornyn. today the republican party appears ready to respond to his atrocious failure at this job this week. by giving mr. cornyn a promotion. he's getting a reward for nearly shooting the moon in the senate. for doing as bad as humanly possible. at the last job the republican party gave him. the republican party moving forward, apparently would like him to be the number two republican in the whole senate right behind mitch mcconnell. and that is calling failing up. which is amazing on its own terms. i
in connecting with female voters in that gender gap. >> romney did significantly improve among white women. not only did not college white women, but also the college white women. this is the first time the democrats have lost them since 1988. >> there is also of the marriage gap. if you are a married woman, you vote different in different ways. that is another thing the republican party is facing. there is new to an era where you bought your identity rather than your interest. >> i went to a romney event. most of them were married white couples with kids. when you go to an obama event, it is the whites, blacks, couples, kids. the challenge of governing a that the country, these two groups that are different in their priorities and cultural values, they're almost equal in their size. the republicans have been able to insulate themselves within the one america. >> conventions of the same feeling as well. >> i do not think he will see a democratic leadership of the house ever again that does not include at least one woman and one african-american and latino. where as republicans, they need a
achievements with hispanic voters and african-american voters. if you look at how mitt romney did and compare it with how george w. bush did with these voters in 2004, much of this three million vote deficit could have made up there alone. it doesn't take us very long as a party to get to the point where we realize we have to look at what happened in 2000 and 2004 and replicate it. >> if there's a battle for the heart and soul of the gop, who do you hope wins that battle in. >> well, i do disagree with that. i think that what our party stands for in these conservative principles, smaller tacxes and traditional values, i don't think we -- >> really, you think the message is fine? >> no, that's a different statement. i don't think our brand is fine. i think how we explain what we believe lacks. here's what i look at. does a candidate care about people like me? i think my conservative values help people more than liberal values do. but clearly in this election we didn't win on that question. and if we can't convince folks that are new americans or who are just starting on the economic ladder tha
thought that voters mitt romney was better equipped to handle the economy than barack obama. >> then it says something about the attitude toward the two men and they made a choice or the two parties and they made a choice. if you just go by viewers, fox mrs. msnbc, romney should have won three to one. >> jon: exit polls, some suggest reflected sort of the media theme that barack obama is a kiachbd of the little guy and middle-class and mitt romney is a rich guy that only cares about rich guys? >> i think it's clear that obama is the person who is looking to have middle-class tax cuts and mitt romney was to give tax cuts to rich people. what i would say, the reason i don't think the media played as big of a role in this. the reason barack obama won is because he ran a superior campaign. it was very targeted in these battleground states. i would be more interested in seeing exit polls from the battleground states which unfortunately we didn't have. the national exit polls don't tell us that much because what happened in the battleground states is so radically different. the ge
ads and they went with the positive one and here is what romney will do on day one. and i also think those attacks had a kind of voter suppression impact on some of the lower middle class voters, and explains maybe in part ohio why romney didn't get the same number of votes, 2 million votes, 2 1/2 million votes lower than john mccain. >> i think what stands out about obama's victory to me is how ugly it was, this was identity politics on steroids telling black people republicans wanted to take away their right to vote and telling women there's war on them that seniors, that paul ryan wants to push granny off the cliff in a wheelchair. this is not the hope and change obama, this was not, there's no red state and blue state obama. he won ugly, it's divisive and if this is the template for how democrats want to win elections going forward to this-- >> and i can tell you what the reaction in the white house would be if they heard you say that, they would say get over it, grow up, this is politics, republicans got a, you know, put on their boxing gloves and get over it. >> oh, yeah. >> pa
no , -- judicial nominations. >> i think obama neutralized romney on the economy this year. if it goes on longer, it's hard to know. in the exit polls, 53% of the voters blame george bush for current economic problems, and 38% barack obama. you see how he neutralized that. >> a comment on that. if you look at the most recent analysis of those just off the charts sue pert in straightforward analysis, you know, looking at this downturn, in the context of other downturns triggered by financial crisis and debt problems which is different from a typical recession, weaver come -- we've come out of that better than most others, and better than other countries who experienced it in a global way, and if you look at the forecast made by moody analytics and others, basically, it was regardless of who is the president, we'll see 12 million jobs created over the next four years. now, they may be right, and they may be wrong, and their prognostications on economic issues are nowhere belter than ours have been on political issues, and lots of things can emerge, including war, a -- other kinds of economic issue
candidates. according to gallup, president obama had a 12 point lead among women voters. governor romney had an 8 point lead among male voters, making this a 20-point gender gap. the largest in recorded history. so what does this mean going forward? joining me now with a fair and balanced debate, jehmu green is former president of the women's media center and fox news contributor and brad blakeman is a form deputy assistant to president george w. bush. thank you for joining us. >> hi. >> heather: to be fair, 2012, it was the fifth straight election to feature a double digit gender gap. but this is the largest since gallup began tracking it in 1952. so gentleman knew, i'll begin with you. why do you think it's so large and appears to be growing? >> it's impossible to win the white house without convincing women voters to be on your side and as we saw throughout the election, many republicans wanted to pretend that this war on women didn't exist. there are three reasons why the gender gap was so large this year. women support obamacare. they didn't want to be charged higher rates just because
about this election is mitt romney brand as well among white voters as in the republican challenger ever in the history of polling. 56% in 1980, 59% in 1988, and 60% in 1952. that was sufficient to win a landslide election. in this case, mitt romney won 59% of white voters and lost. but not the competitive in the electoral college in the end. a terrific political scientist told me for the majority of history white majorities have ruled. in 2008, president obama lost whites by double digits and won. in this election, he lost them by 20 points and won because democrat republicans are conceding once again in this election 80% of the growing minority population. if he matched that again and they were at least that much of the vote, he could get a majority of the national vote with only about 40% of whites. 80, 39, 28. the fundamental fallacy that many conservative analysts had was the assumption that 2008 was the result of some surge because of barack obama. it was a continuation of the trend line. we have gone from 91% to 72% over that time. it has tracked the change in the eligible voter p
, virginia. they would have flipped from obama to romney without the support of young voters. at least 80 electoral votes depended on young americans. matt, how can young voters translate their power at the ballot box to power in the halls of washington? >> well, i think that's a great question. and for one, we need to realize that there is a lot more than just voting, and that by all means, the real work begins now both in reading the news and understanding how it affects our life. but secondly, in making sure our politicians understand that we're a formidable voting bloc. we're 19% of the electorate now. we're getting larger each election, bigger than '08, bigger than '04. and if they don't pay attention to us, it's at their own peril. it's at their own consequence. >> yeah, but are they a reliable voting bloc? because we all know that young voters are wild about president obama. but four years from now when there is no president obama on the ballot, what happens to the young voters? >> well, i actually think that young people are not contingent upon a particular candidate and whether w
their candidate this year, a former governor -- former gov. romney of massachusetts, pursued a strategy of only appealing to white votes, particularly white conservative votes. he was successful and so far as he defeated among white voters -- he defeated president obama, 59% to 39%. he had 20% more than president obama received. in past elections, that would have been catastrophic for a cabinet in the united states. but despite the fact that president obama only received 39% of the white vote, he won the election 50% to 40%. he is about -- he has about 2.75 million more votes than governor romney. how did african-americans do? there are two aspects of the african-american voters want to talk about. it's not like there was truly a national campaign in 2012. if you lived in a swing state, you saw politics was all consuming. that was all that life was about, the 2012 election. on the other hand, if you did not live in a swing state, you probably were not entirely aware there was an election going on at all. in terms of the black vote, want to point out a couple of things. before i point out be inc
suddenly showing up. this looks like the missing those from the romney campaign. it looks like they were ron paul voters, rick santorum voters, and a few others. now they're back. >> certainly the enthusiasm that the republicans thought they could count on did not actually materialized. whether that is because there are not excited about the candid it's, nothing anyone would have been more excited. certainly a lot of people would be a lot less excited. lou: i was as suggesting break as a substitute. i was just saying, you have not heard from them for months, and now he is back on television. the same thing with ron paul. i mean, what in the world is going on? >> proof positive that the republicans not only don't have a defense, they have nothing. lou: really? >> overstating. lou: you're also accusing me. how much of a bench to they need if you have a nominee. >> that did not have much of want. lou: they had one guy on the bench, and he was one heck of a queen of kidder. >> beat somebody with nobody. lou: bill clinton. bill clinton and chris christie. what does obama have? we will be back
wanted romney to denounce it. women wanted the party to denounce it, and romney never came out to denounce it. bottom line is this -- we played it too safe, we didn't think women were monolithic voters or cared about the economy, but when it comes to legitimate rape and abortion, women stood together. >> i wish that's all it was, really, but the whole year, particularly when republicans took over so many state legislators, that's when the war on women, if you forgive me, began. you had record numbers of anti-contraceptive and and antiabortion laws, even a tax on equal pay laws, the congress with the blunt amendment on where they actually had a vote on whether or not insurance policies ought to include contraception if theoss is in disagreement. so you can talk messenger all you want to or two members who clearly revealed the rubbish in the republican party, but, let's face it, women had a whole year, and then they had the republican primary to see it big and bold -- all anti-woman, personhood -- all the things the majority of the women are clearly not for. >> okay, but let me a
of women voters, 55% to 44%, but he didn't get all women. white women picked mitt romney to the tune of 56% to 42% but that was offset by minority women. in this case 96% of african-americans and 78% of latinos. maria, it seems like many people in both parties believed women would vote as a unified block but we didn't see that happen here. does that surprise you? >> no. i don't think anybody has ever said that women are a monolithic group and in fact this election proves it. but it does prove that across the board there are a lot of issues that are important to the majority of women and that's why you saw obama get the majority of women. and i think where republicans really made a huge miscalculation is on the issue of women's health and women's issues. turns out that the majority of women actually do want to have control over what happens to their bodies and it turns out that the majority of women don't like the way that men talk about women's bodies and those issues. and frankly a lot of them also saw women's health issues as a huge economic issue, as they should. i think that helped pre
they sell it to latino voters. they don't want to change it fundamentally but have a softer language and blame mitt romney for not delivering the accurate message. we need to secure borders first and then start talking about other aspects here. i don't think it's going to be a completely settled argument on the right. at least north right away. >> eliot: i think joe's right. there is a schism in the republican party but it's an imperative that they get this issue, and sean hannity said in this little clip that we played, they got to get this issue off the table. so doesn't the leadership of even the tea party that was initially driven by fiscal issues rather than social issues, don't they say bite the bullet. get rid of this, and give boehner permission to get rid of it. >> you certainly do have those hard right voices steve king said we can't do amnesty. this is not the way to go. but what we have seen in the election results the republicans who do want immigration reform and marco rubio is a powerful voice in this regard, they've seen an advantage that they can press in making the
christian, shame, shame, shame. the black divider in chief, black actress supports romney. welcome home, sista spelled s-i-s-t-a. if this is on your website within the last month. how do you get black voters? >> i'm not familiar with what posts you're talking about. >> it's on teapartyexpress.org. >> wait, i don't know. i think probably lloyd marcus who is a spokesperson for tea party express probably wrote that. he's been with tea party express from the beginning. he is a proliffic blogger and writer, author and he's performed. that's my guess. but, look, we reach out to people all the time and there are african-americans, hispanics in this entire movement across the country. i mean, it doesn't -- we're not focused on race. what we are focused on are the fiscal issues and we want washington to reign in this out of control spending and live within their means so all americans win and we're on that path to prosperity, again. >> the problem may be the fiscal conservatives who are put up talk more about fiscal conservatism and they also talk about race and social issues. amy kremer, chairw
the voter restrictions in pennsylvania saying, "this is how we're going to win pennsylvania for mitt romney"? >> well, no, there was a state senator who said that. >> excuse me, a state senator. >> this will allow mitt romney to win the election. now, the implication of that is that the suggestion was that there's such pervasive fraud that he wouldn't be able to win without it. i do not think that is correct. but i think that actually when you parse what he was saying i think that's what he meant. and i think that you're actually illustrating my point in a wonderful way. there's so much distrust that, and of course people aren't inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. let's interpret what he said in the most favorable possible light because there is rooted in the fact that these are communities that don't generally talk to each other. >> but you know, i brought you together because both of you from different perspectives have been writing about the people at the bottom of our economic ladder. is anything going to change for those people? >> you have nearly 50 million americans who ar
at that chair. >> cenk: well, it turned out that chair didn't have president obama. it had their voters. they didn't show up. guys, it sounds like they were high on their own supply. but obviously i was never in favor of romney, and we dodged a bullet in 18 different ways, but this makes me think that we dodged a bullet in a different way. what if these people who believed in an alternate reality were in charge of the white house. what decision do you make if it you got the wrong facts. >> i know we have the sound on this of mitt romney hadn't written a concession speech yet. i get the confidence, but at least maybe have some bullets points. things i want to cover just in case. if you're in the race like representative cohen you don't write one. but let me be prepared for my last harrah. >> i think that he just got this extreme swagger after the first debate. he thought, you know what, i really nailed it in the first debate, an i have, you know, the public supporting me. then you have people like joe scarborough saying that romney is probably going to win. >> they got drunk on their own
years over executive-branch nominations. >> i think obama neutralized mitt romney on the economy this year. if it goes on for a lot longer, it is hard to know. it was interesting to me that 53% of the voters still blame george bush for the economy. you can see how he neutralized him. >> if you look at the most recent analysis of brian hart -- reinhart, looking at this downturn, in the context of other downturns triggered by financial crises and debt problems, which different from other recessions, we have come out better than others and clearly have come out better than other countries that experienced it in a global way. if you look at the forecast, basically it was regardless of who is the president, we will sitwell million jobs created over the next four years. they may be right and they may be wrong. there prague -- provocations maybe no better than ours have been on political issues. lots of things can emerge including other economic issues like trade wars or what ever it may be. there is a pretty good chance we're going to start to see some significant recovery. there are s
. >> enough about obama care this year. >> laura: romney ever talked about obama care. >> one issue we as a party left of the table. according to the exit polls, 50% of voters on tuesday want to repeal obama care. not just change it or tinker but wants to get rid are of it. >> want it gone. we left some of those votes on the table because we didn't talk enough about it but in 2010. we managed to frankly reach out to working class middle income voters and convince them that we had a plan to create prosperity. >> laura: what about african-american voters that's vexing for republicans. again, my point is go to african-american neighborhoods. go to communities centers. just don't go to the naacp meeting. >> as a reality, there are two groups who appear to be off limits right now politically for both sides. >> african-americans are off limits for republicans. southern white evangelicals were off limits for democrats. combination of ideology and identity. >> they can't be off limits. reagan went to the south and converted people in mississippi and alabama. >> you have got to do it. make an a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 58 (some duplicates have been removed)

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